Charwhite Cosmetics Story

We live in a hectic, driven and chaotic world. We feel constant pressure and often forget to see what makes life so precious and exciting on a daily base. Especially young people (and those who stay young) find themselves at times misunderstood, under pressure and not being accepted for who we really are. And YES, we have the same type of feelings here at CHARWHITE, too.

Our mission is to light you up in this crazy frenzy hectic world. We are here to lift you up, bring you joy and laughter every single day. But most of all we want you to know that you are just wonderful the way you truly are. We believe with our hearts and souls that you are gift to this world and that you are very special! And we want you to acknowledge this fact, too!
We live this mission daily through our contribution to create and offer not only the coolest, hippest and healthiest non-toxic, natural cosmetics but also though reaching out to you directly and through social media to make you smile and lift you up on a daily base!
As much we love to make you smile we sincerely believe that we could make this world an even better place through giving back.
So we are proud to state that 10% of our profits go directly to CHARity.
Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey.

Founders of CHARWHITE
Renate and Michael

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