Faith in Nature Story
We’ve had a faith in nature all our lives, and we’ve been putting that faith into our products for forty years now. When we started, nobody was talking about ‘green’ cosmetics. It wasn’t fashionable, and it wasn’t mainstream. But we’re delighted that times are changing, and that, slowly, the world is coming round to our way of thinking.
And how can it not? All it takes is a glance outside to see the wonder that is our planet, and a moment watching the news to realise how vital it is that we protect it.
This journey of realisation began for Rivka Rose whilst growing up in New York City, a city where the changing of the seasons cannot go unnoticed, and where the new life that comes with each passing season is as vibrant as the city itself. It was, quite simply, awe inspiring.

But whether in New York City, or Edinburgh where Faith in Nature was born, or in any corner of our wonderful world, the truth still holds that by working with nature, rather than against it, we can treat ourselves, sustainably and ecologically.
And so that’s why we keep doing what we do. Because there’s always more to learn, and because it’s not just us who believe in it. It’s you too. And, together, we can keep pushing, and keep striving, for a better way of living. A way in which we all show our faith in nature, and a way in which that faith will forever be repaid.
And we believe it’s happening. Slowly, but surely. It really is.
Here’s to the next forty years.

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