FOM London Skincare Story

“She looks as clear as morning roses newly washed with dew”
– William Shakespeare

Freshness of the Morning is FOM London, a truly British award winning skincare brand. FOM London was an idea of Zaga, Founder, in response to the lack of innovation within the natural skincare market. She applauds many of the companies within the sector for cutting out synthetic ingredients from their formulations, but feels that this shouldn’t mean consumers can’t demand the latest in cutting edge innovation, led by the latest research into natural ingredients. When FOM London started in 2013 their mission wasn’t to compete with the established skincare brands but to offer attention to detail, real results, and luxury skincare without comprising on ingredients, scent, texture and performance.

FOM London handcrafts scientifically proven, innovative age defying skincare that has captured the skin and collagen enhancing properties of Silk in a cutting edge set of products – The Antioxsilk Collection.
The Antioxsilk Collection gets its name from its unique blend of silk, antioxidants and adaptogens. Liquid silk extract combines with naturally active anti-ageing botanicals and powerful antioxidants, which combat oxygen free radicals (pollutant chemicals thought to be one of the main culprits behind aging skin), to create a range of products that take skincare to a new level.
“We believe the right skin care products with a mindful applying techniques can give you healthy radiant skin, and that is why we create innovative cutting-edge products that get you compliments on your skin and make you glowing, in one word – special”
– Zaga, Founder
A Pure Manufacturing Process
• We are our own manufacturers and fully committed to safety and honesty
• We greatly believe in educating our customers about our exact formulations and ingredients that contribute to restoring and protecting skin.
• We always choose fresh, clean and sustainably grown botanicals and natural liquid actives.
• We produce in small batches at the right temperature so the repairing, restoring and protecting potency of our ingredients is preserved and our products are always freshly delivered to you.
Sustainability and Green Policy
• We package all our products in 100% recyclable glass
• Proudly Made in England
• FOM London Skincare is proud to say that we are against animal testing and our products are never tested on animals.

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