Honeypie Minerals story

With a childhood upbringing in the rural countryside of Essex England, Claudia grew to love the simplicity of life and appreciate the beauty of all things natural. After many years of suffering from the woes of acne, break-outs, oily skin and scarring she began her quest to produce pure and healthy mineral cosmetics. Claudia started hand-crafting beautiful mineral make-up
for herself, with amazing results. Soon enough her sister, mother, grandmother and friends were all wearing the natural minerals and Honeypie Minerals was born.

At Honeypie Minerals we pride ourselves on the fact that our products are pure, simple and honest. We are against animal testing, only supporting other brands and suppliers who have the same beliefs.

Our products are 100% natural and FREE-FROM bismuth, talc, starch, rice, harsh chemicals, parabens, artificial colour, fragrance, paraffin, petroleum, oil, animal derived products, parabens, preservatives, alcohol, fillers, lanolin, or any other synthetic ingredients that have no nutritional benefit for your skin and can cause long term damaging impact on your skin, health and the world. Our ethically-sourced ingredients are of the highest quality and cruelty-free.

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