Marili Skincare Story

Having had the immense privilege of growing up on a farm in Zimbabwe & spending most of her childhood climbing trees and splashing about in muddy puddles with reckless abandon and freedom. Founder Marili Aitken developed a great love for animals and the outdoors and wanted to create a company that incorporates fun & a touch of Africa with natural and organic elements and without harmful chemicals.
Massively inspired by her own fabulous, fun-loving kids Marili was determined to create something that could be a legacy which they could use themselves, but also relate to and respect for the quality and values Marili Skincare stands for.

“Our products have gorgeous smells that kids love and wherever possible our ingredients are organic. After a fun, active day kids can come home and enjoy washing off all the mud and grime with our Paraben and SLS free products. With our truly unique packaging, the range brings with it a touch of Africa, which will always be in my heart.”
Our values are:
◦ Be fun – unique & natural
◦ Be excellent – use excellent quality ingredients
◦ Be kind – to the environment
◦ Say no – to nasty chemicals
◦ Give back – to those in need
Our products are handmade in the UK and we strive to support local trade wherever possible.

Marili Aitken
Director, Marili Skincare ltd

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