Mille Ulivi Story

Mille Ulivi – Thousands of Olive Trees. The creation by Italian biologists and cosmetologists after years of research. Mille Ulivi represents the beauty, quality, heritage and charisma of the “made in Italy” cosmetics. Mille Ulivi’s natural and innovative formulas reverse the aging process on skin through the antioxidant benefit of organic extra virgin olive oil with the extreme regenerating power of Gardenia Stem Cells. Mille Ulivi’s products do not contain any petroleum derivatives, silicones, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives or animal byproducts. The most natural but effective way to fight the signature of the time. The bottles are encased in an exclusive olive wood dispenser individually hand-crafted by Italian artisans. Each dispenser is unique. While the pattern of the Olive wood’s veins is never repeated, each hand-carved dispenser tells a collective story about the Olive tree’s one hundred year life span. Mille Ulivi combines the excellence of natural cosmetics with the distinctive creativity of Italian art. This exclusive combination is a tribute to the total beauty created by different harmonies in perfect balance. Mille Ulivi honors the beauty and the propriety of the olive tree making its line sustainable, every bottle is made with wood recycled from the scrap of other productions. No healthy tree is felled to realize any Mille Ulivi products.

Mille Ulivi is the first certified organic cosmetic brand that include vegetable stem cells in the entire range, from cleanser, toner to mask and creams.

Vegetable stem cells are extracted from the roots and the leafs of the plants through most advanced biotechnology. Plant stem cells are characterized by two distinctive properties: the ability to create all differentiated cell types and the ability to self-renew such that the number of stem cells is maintained. The function of Plant Stem Cells is to protect human Stem Cells and put them in the best condition to naturally renew herself.

All Mille Ulivi’s products are enriched by the presence of Gardenia Jasminoides Stem Cells, a new Swiss ingredient discovered by plant biotechnology, which has proven to be highly effective in increasing the synthesis of new collagen, and reducing the loss of dermal structure. The collagen in our body, over time, slow down its regenerating and repairing functions. Vegetable stem cells activate the division and proliferation of new collagen, thus stimulate the production of substances that are essential in the structure of the skin. These properties make them extremely effective in all cosmetics treatments and wrinkle repairing skin care rang.

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