Olihive All Natural Cream Story

Our Olihive All Natural Cream originated in Mount Athos, the Peninsula in North Eastern Greece known as “Holy Mountain” (a spiritual centre of the Greek Orthodox Church and part of UNESCO World Heritage List) and home to more than 20 Greek Orthodox Monasteries and monastic communities. Hundreds of inhabitants Monks have been using the same ingredients of our Cream since the early days of Christianity.

The use of Olive Oil has been recommended for sufferers in body and soul in every period and aspect of Human History. For centuries, this wonderful juice of the Olive Tree, nourished people, gave strength and comfort to patients, glamour and beauty to wrestlers of the Ancient Olympic Games.

This outstanding nourishment, Nature’s gift in human diet and cosmetics, forms the basis of our cream along with some other unique natural ingredients all known for their healing properties and cosmetic use for thousands of years.
Honey and also beeswax, produced by bees using nectar from flowers, has a long history in human consumption.

Pine Trees, abundantly found in Greece, offer their liquid compound found inside or exuded by the plant itself, the resin, which is treated to extract the abietic acid.

Green Olive Oil Soap has been used for centuries and is considered to be the most effective method to cleanse, removing dead skin cells and, at the same time, unblocking skin pores.

Friends of ours have used the cream on themselves and handed it over to their friends and acquaintances (this is how the cream has come into our hands, in every meaning of the phrase), some being bedridden with severe bedsores, most skin irritations, eczema, cuts, insect bites, sunburns, thorn scratch rash, etc. All these, have tried our cream with success; even those with seemingly rough skin have managed by using our cream to make it soft beyond their expectation.

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