Ora Natural Story

Ora Naturals was inspired by a series of trips to Southern Morocco that I, Natasha took along with Steve, my co-founder. On witnessing the production of Moroccan Argan Oil from the nuts of the ancient Argania Spinosa forest trees, we saw an opportunity to develop a new luxurious skin care range based on naturally occurring organic ingredients. Argan Oil has been used by the Berber tribe women of Morocco for generations as a natural and wondrous skin care.
The name “ORA” comes directly from the New Zealand Maori language meaning health and vitality, and through the creation of Ora Naturals, we have sought to embody the best elements of a natural skin care range.
All Ora Naturals products contain the highest quality Argan Oil that is certified organic at source. We have further enhanced our products by combining Argan Oil with a number of other natural plant extracts and a blend of essential oils to produce a sumptuous and luxurious skin care and bath range. We also offer 100% cold pressed organic Argan Oil.
Natural sedimentation is present in Ora Naturals Argan Oil due to the high concentrations of fatty acids, tocopherols and sterols that enhance its emollient properties.
Our aim is simple. To source naturally occurring ingredients from around the world to produce a luxurious brand of skincare products, and in return to support and celebrate the communities that provide us with these wondrous products. At the heart of our range lies the rare and miraculous Argan Oil produced by the Berber women of Morocco, without whom Ora Naturals simply could not exist in its current form. It is these communities of Southern Morocco in particular that we wish to support.
All our products are free of parabens, pegs and petrochemicals for a highly natural and organic range. None of our products are tested on animals.

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