Purity Herbs Iceland Story

Purity Herbs was established in Akureyri in 1994 by Ásta Sýrusdóttir and André Raes, after witnessing incredible results of a home-made herbal cream.
Ásta was working at a local nursery where a little boy was suffering from severe eczema and rashes. Ásta got to try the cream on the little boys skin. What happened then stunned everyone – the boys
 skin had returned to almost normal within days. 

The first product, the Wonder Cream, is still one of the top sellers because of it’s amazing effects.

The Icelandic people have used herbs for many centuries for healing purposes and every Icelander has his own experience, each in his or her own way.
The growing process of the herbs is shorter and therefore they are stronger, more powerful and purer than similar herbs abroad.

Herbs and their healing ability is one of the greatest mysteries in our universe. There is no better way of maintaining a healthy skin, to keep the pureness of our skin and keep away any undesirable skin problems, but to blend clean, wild and powerful herbs into the products that are developed by Purity Herbs.

Every herb has its own specific quality or strength to heal, cure and improve the condition of the skin. The special blend of many different and unlike herbs in every Purity Herbs product makes them all unique.
The herbs are searched and harvested by hand on the exact point of their growth and in the right condition, far away from pollution and build areas to get the most power out of the herbs.
Only the parts of the herbal plants which are going to be used for production purposes are cut off and the rest of the herbal plants get the opportunity to continue to grow in peace. After the extract has been used, the refuse is returned to nature. So it can be said, the herbs are just borrowed from the nature.

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