SKN-RG’s certified multi award winning “super organics” effortlessly, lifts, tones and melts away the signs of ageing, to reveal, revived and restored youthful skin without the use of harsh chemicals, synthetics, toxic ingredients or unnecessary fillers.
No expense has been spared to delivers the worlds most transformative certified “super organic” range, which boosts cutting edge Pre and Probiotic technology delivered in a new easily absorbed formulation which effortlessly sinks into the dermal layers, but that is only the beginning of the journey.
Each ingredient, sourced from the finest regions deeply enhance the interactive fibres of the skin to firm, repair and reinforce, powerfully enhanced with SKN-RG Quanta Technology a high level frequency that excites the cells of the “High Density Nutrients” to deliver exceptional performance, expertly combined with cutting edge SKN-RG “super organic” actives & key boosters including Hyaluronic Acid and Rosehip Super Concentrate for advanced line reduction and high performance lifting & brightening.
Free from: synthetic fragrances, colours, pore-blocking petrochemicals, beeswax, silicones, sulfates, PEGs, TEA/DEA, SLS, Lanolin, parabens, urea & animal ingredients.
Soil Association Certified, BUAV Leaping Bunny Approved.

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