Tan Organic Story

TanOrganic gives the perfect au-tan allowing you to build up the shade rather than turning you into a tangerine queen after one application. The evolution of faux tanning has seen changes over the years from bottle tan to sunbeds back to the orange look and onto the au-tan but where are we at with faux tanning now? The quest for a “safe” tan is not a new one. Ever since the link between skin cancer and sun over-exposure was established, not to mention the aging effects, those of us seeking the brown without the burn have often turned to self-tanners. Shocking medical discoveries show that 60% of what you put on your skin is in-fact absorbed into the body.
Many faux tanners contain hundreds of chemicals, parabens and fragrances, so not only are these nasty chemicals drying out and ageing your skin but they are also getting into your blood system. Scary thought. Organic tanning solutions have developed a way of giving the skin a beautiful glow without feeling like your rubbed a science experiment all over your body. With the use of wonderful natural ingredients such as aloe vera, caramel, beetroot and sugar, TanOrganic have developed a 100% natural and organic tanning solution that has passed all the ECOCERT standards. Containing 84% aloe vera, TanOrganic has address all the issues faux tanners had in the past and injected a skin nourishing anti-ageing treatment into the tanning bottle. Now the only Ecocertified sunless tan in the world, this wonder tanning brand has changed the fashion of faux tanning once again and leads the industry towards the organic way of things.

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