by Organic Cosmetics on
July 8, 2015

Greening your beauty regime

Beauty is not skin deep, you can prove this point by greening up your beauty regime. We are not talking about just using natural cosmetics; they will go a long way in saving our planet. We are talking about switching to a healthy lifestyle by incorporating healthy and natural ingredients in your busy schedule. We are also talking about changing just a little bit and shunning some products that harm both the environment as well as your life. The changes are not very difficult to implement and once you choose this path you will realise how easy it was.

Simplify your life:
You have read several advertisements extolling the virtues of creams, pills and treatments that can help to make you feel and look young again. Trust me, they seldom work. They contain chemicals that harm you in the long run. When applied, they may give a youthful look, but appearances can be deceiving. You just require a good cleanser, moisturiser and toner. A good sunscreen is also essential. All other cosmetics are just variations.

Use Natural cosmetics:
Avoid cosmetics that contain harmful chemicals. Chemicals have an adverse effect on your skin through prolonged usage. They also harm the environment. Natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics not only protect you from these adverse effects they are not harmful to the society as well. However, do ensure that they are really natural and organic.

Avoid over usage of fragrances:
Fragrances are an essential part of anyone’s makeup kit. They are used by males as well as females. Though great in masking unpleasant smells; they are a nuisance in themselves. Most of them are available in aerosol packing and the gases are harmful to you as well as the air around you. As the perfume is expelled out in force, it penetrates the skin and in extreme circumstances can cause painful rashes. They are dangerous for the eyes as well.

Check the packaging material:
Are you a nature loving citizen? Do you use only organic or natural cosmetics? If you answer yes to any of these questions, have you checked the packaging material? Most of the packaging material is plastic. Plastic takes ages to decompose, it is extremely toxic and the manufacturing process is also very polluting. There is the added fear that the chemicals may leach into the product. Avoiding plastics may not be possible or even feasible but try shifting to recyclable packaging. You can at least minimise your carbon footprint.

Be organic:
Natural cosmetics can work wonders for you but have you considered how these natural ingredients are grown? Use of pesticides and fertilisers allows companies to increase yields to a great extent. But these pesticides and fertilizers flow into natural water streams and find their way into our food chain. Check if the manufacturer uses organic methods of farming. Try and incorporate organic food into your eating habits. Trust me, you will be eating a lot less of harmful chemicals this way.

Greening your beauty routine should not be limited to the use of organic cosmetics. You should look at other means of reducing your carbon footprint. Some of the measures are very easy and do not require a drastic change in your lifestyle.