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May 31, 2015



Herbal Legend Story
HERBAL LEGEND is a French Company that creates and manufactures natural & organic skincare products of high quality with a “boutique” spirit. Our ranges are elaborated with a total of twelve different medicinal herbs.
At the core of our motivation to create always better and more efficient products are our users, current and future.
Our recipes are inspired from the French herbalist tradition.
The care and professionalism we put in the selection of our plants and natural ingredients, as well as our artisanal manufacturing process, ensure to our customers the best quality.
Our plants extraction process is based on natural principles free from any chemical additives.
HERBAL LEGEND proposes two ranges: one dedicated to women, the other dedicated to men. Both ranges are conceived to provide the essential skincare products adapted to the specific needs of each.

In the heart of Les Monts du Forez, in Auvergne, France, was born 35 years ago a passion for wild plants and their medicinal properties.
As the main source of family medication, medicinal plant bunches used to colonise the beams of Auvergne’s farms, up until the 50’s. After what, more modern methods and treatments replaced little by little the traditional pharmacopeia, and sent back wild herbs to their fields and forest, taking with them our herbalists’ memories.
The few who resisted the move though, endeavoured to teach their more or less empirical knowledge, to those who showed interest.
This bequeathed information was grown with researches, observations and experiments, and gave birth to a project: create 100% natural skincare products, derived from ancestral recipes and forgotten formulas, and have our country medicinal herbs regain their nobility.
The concept echoed the motivations of talented women and men, who soon rallied around the project: HERBAL LEGEND was born.

HERBAL LEGEND‘s organic skincare products, heritage of the French herbalist tradition, are 100% conceived and made in France.
In line with the recommendations of our organic certification (Bio Earth Durable Label), we favour local procurement of our ingredients.

All our products are made with natural and highly concentrated plants extracts, without additional water, following the tradition of ancestral recipes. “Aqua” (water) is usually the main ingredient constituting skincare products on the market. In most cases “aqua” appears at the first place on the ingredients lists. You will not find this word on our INPI’s since we only use non diluted plants extracts. The concentration of herbal active molecules in our skincare is unique and ensures the high efficiency of our remedies.

Our skincare ranges contain 100% of natural ingredients, with up to 70% organic components.
Allergens free, parabens free, silicone free, colouring free, PEG & phenoxyethanol free, our products are trusted to a specialised laboratory, which performs the dermatological tests that guaranty the best quality and tolerance.
Our skincare products are efficient on all types of skins. The ingredients we use in our formulas are non-aggressive and the absence of chemical or artificial elements guarantee protection to the most fragile skins.
Our daily routine products contain sebum regulating plants. These plants naturally help re-establishing skin balance.


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