by Organic Cosmetics on
August 27, 2015

Natural Body Care Techniques

Taking natural method for improving our skin tone and smoothness is a wise option to adapt. Here are some tips for natural skin care method.

Your face can be brightened up with the help of few grapes. Amazing right! For perfect skin take few grapes and slice it up. Apply the sliced pieces of grapes on to your skin and leave it for about five to six minutes. The fruit acid will radiate complex action and improve the quality of your skin.

You may always have a complaint of waking up tired and with puffy eyes. And it will be a happy moment for all by hearing a solution to overcome this problem. And for your knowledge, there is. An eye cream will serve as a solution for this problem. Store the eye cream in fridge or keep it chilled. Apply the chilled eye cream on outer corner of eyes and towards the part of nose. This eye cream will help absorb the excess fluid content present in those area.

To protect your face, it is always advised to rely on face masks and moisturizers. The moisturizers containing the black tree extracts will protect your face from dark spots when exposed to sunlight. The ingredients of this moisturizer also decrease the amount of the UV radiation effects on the skin. You will also be protected from sunburns. Facial masks can be applied more effectively under showers. It is advised to open the steam. The steam will increase the penetration of ingredients. So apply the mixture in the shower and rinse it out when you get out from the shower.

To get your skin bronzed, mix an amount of organic sunscreen (about one table spoon is recommended), with a pinch of mineral bronzer (loose). Apply the mixture on you face and get an instant protective glow. This will also improve your skin appeal.

Apart from lotions and solutions some of the physical method can also improve the quality of our skin. Some of the yoga techniques like kiss the ceiling will help to improve your neck, jaw and throat. This technique is advised to perform four times daily. The method is just simple, slowly tilt back your head and pinch up to former position.

Another main attraction point of our body is our hair. We must always preserve the colour and quality of our hair. The colour of hair can be exploited by the usage of some shampoos containing sulphates and similar chemicals. Try to avoid such shampoos. There are also some healthy methods by which we can afford a soft curly hair. Some natural mousse which containing the organic orange extracts help this function. Then for having tousled waves dissolve one table spoon of salt in to 8 ounces of gentle warm spring water. Take it in a spray bottle. Add an amount of organic lavender oil, about 10 drops to it. Shake the content well and spray it over your hair and let it dry.