by ingrida on
June 1, 2015

Beyond Stretch Mark Cream

Beyond Stretch Mark Cream

Product overview

Packed with omega rich oils and macerated plant extracts that help prevent and heal stretch mark and scar tissue. Contains no essential oils so can be used during pregnancy (after the first 3 months).

◦ Ultra-rich so a little really does go a long way.
◦ Can also be used on cracked nipples and post-operative scarring.
◦ Contains no essential oils or perfumes, so extra safe for use while pregnant (after the first 3 months).
◦ Contains Tamanu oil known for its effectiveness in many skin problems including being non irritant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
Extracts of Calendula, Chamomile, Rose Geranium, Chickweed, and Nettle work in perfect harmony to aid healing and soothing.


Gently massage into any part of the body as needed. Use as often as necessary.


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