Charme D. Orient Alum Stone Stick without Push Up 60gr


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Product Description

Alum Stone is 100% natural deodorant for underarm and feet. It regulates perspiration by tightening the pores of the skin and protects against bacteria that produces bad odour; it has always been recommended for people with heavy perspiration. Nevertheless it is suitable for the whole family and sensitive skins as well.

This is an ideal alternative to the industrial deodorants that contains chemicals and allergic substances. It provides you with 24 hour protection.

Dermatologically tested.

Made in France


External use only – Body.

Deodorant: Apply on wet skin or wet stick before use.

After shaving: Apply on wet skin (it calms inflamed skin).

Avoid contact with eyes.


100% natural potassium salt (potassium and aluminium sulphates).


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