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FOM London Brightening Evening Regimen Set

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Product Description

Includes three of essential antioxsilk anti pollutionskincare products for a visibly brighter even skin tone.

Visible brighter even skin tone with regular evening skincare routine if used in the order:

Face Cleansing Cream – 100ml

Facial Essence  – 100ml

Hydra Bright Serum – 50 ml

Face Cleansing Cream

Hydrating Anti – pollution face cleanser removes pollutants, dead skin cells and make up in one single step, leaving skin cleansed, balanced and hydrated.

Face cleansing cream is great for those who want to:

  • remove pollutants and make up in one step massage + rinse off
  • naturally strengthen skin resilience to pollution induced ageing
  • purify and cleanse skin without skin feeling dry

Facial Essence

Anti pollution treatment face essence – a water light fragrance free hydrating essence helps to improve skin tone and strengthen skin resilience to effects of air pollution. Skin feels and looks fresh and toned.  It normalises skin’s balance and helps remove pollutants from skin whilst deeply hydrating and refreshing.

Hydra facial essence is to:
• create and maintain even skin tone
• naturally strengthen skin resilience to pollution induced ageing
• create and maintain hydrated skin

Hydra Bright Serum 

A light feel brightening and skin plumping serum targets 4 areas of skin imperfection: age spots, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture and hydration in one product whilst helps to prevent future skin damages caused by pollutants.

Hydra bright serum is for those who want to:
• create an even skin tone not compromising on the skin hydration
• naturally strengthen skin resilience to pollution induced ageing
• remove dark spots • brighten skin naturally
• maintain brighter even skin tone


Recommended for all skin types.


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