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May 31, 2015

HERBAL LEGEND Beautiful Ladies Elixir Rejuvenative serum

HERBAL LEGEND Beautiful Ladies Elixir Rejuvenative serum

French original name: “L’Elixir des belles Dames”

Product overview

Rejuvenating Face & Eye Beauty Serum.
The highly concentrated Organic plants extracts contained in our Beauty Elixir are tonic, regenerative and astringent. They help toning and prevent cell oxidation with immediate lifting effect. Day after day the natural functions of your epidermis are boosted. Your skin is replenished and recharged.
Eucalyptus is famous for its benefits on the respiratory system, but its other valuable properties, though less known, reveal true treasures for the skin. Astringent, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant, its leaf extract helps firming tissues, eliminate imperfections and prevent aging. Combined with active oxygen and our “tonicity” complex, eucalyptus is the ally of your beauty.

All skin types

A 1gr dose is recommended per application. Your bottle contains about 30 doses (1,0 Fl.Oz).


Apply daily to clean face, eye contour and neck, before your moisturising skincare “Beneficial Dew”.


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