HERBAL LEGEND Seven lives Balm Antiageing night cream

Herbal Legend Seven Lives Balm 50 ml

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Product Description

French original name: “Baume des sept vies

Product overview

Age-defying Face Cream for glowing skin. 

The unique formula we’ve perfected, with precious oils and organic plants derived from the traditional pharmacopeia, acts on all signs of age. It firms & brightens your skin, stimulates its healing and regenerative capabilities, reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles and age spots.

According the “Doctrine of signatures”, dating from the time of Galen during the Roman Empire, the shape and appearance of plants reveal their therapeutic properties. Though this approach has now been replaced by more scientific methods, some surprising coincidences remain:

Lilium candidum (White Lily, or Madonna Lily) embodied during antiquity beauty and purity. It has been established since that the plant and flower actually contain healing, firming and brightening substances. Traditional medicine has used the Lily to repair epidermis for centuries.

To the purity and brightness of the Lily, we associated the regenerative powers of rubus idaeus, added rich and precious oils to create a real balm of youth, our “Seven Lives Balm”.

All skin types

Contains 1,6 Fl.Oz. Recommended dose: 1,25gr per application. Your jar holds about 40 doses.


For a beauty wake-up, apply every evening to clean face & neck, avoiding eye contact.

Beauty tip: for an immediate rejuvenating effect and to repair your skin in depth, use your Balm as an intense nourishing mask. Apply a thick layer of cream on clean face. Leave for 15 minutes and remove the excess with a pad moistened with rose water. Now love your skin!


Calendula officinalis flower extract, lilium candidum flower extract, rubus idaeus leaf extract, helianthus annuus seed oil, cetearyl alcohol, prunus armeniaca kernel oil, glyceryl stearate, aroma, lactic acid, oxygen.