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May 31, 2015

HERBAL LEGEND Springtime Sparkle Antiageing face mask

HERBAL LEGEND Springtime Sparkle Antiageing face mask

In French: “Eclat de printemps”

Product overview

Gentle Face Mask Firming and Purifying – for fresh & beautiful skin.

Spare a bit of time for yourself, you are right, it’s essential! So what’s better than dedicate this moment to your Beauty and comfort?
To make the best of the few minutes you may devote to your welfare, we have concocted for you the sweetest and softest of face masks: a few pinches of refined white clay, especially adapted to sensitive and irritated skins, mixed with a firming & soothing complex, which allies a natural antioxidant to the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of organic camomile.

All skin types

Contains 1,6 Fl.Oz. Recommended dose: 3,5gr per application. Bottle for 15 masks.


Once or twice weekly, apply generously to face and neck, avoiding eye contact. Take a few minutes pause and relax. Rinse with fresh water and contemplate your lovely complexion!

Tip: for a gentle peeling action, leave your mask on until dry and remove with light movements in circles. To avoid pulling your skin, support skin with one hand while exfoliating with the other.


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