Mille Ulivi Moisturizing Day Cream

Mille Ulivi Moisturizing Day Cream 50 ml

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Fresh texture and innovative formula, rich in natural hydrating agents, 100% Organic Premier-grade Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Highly Concentrated SWISS Gardenia Stem Cells. Aids in retaining the natural water reserves in the skin giving it a constant and lasting hydration level. Gardenia stem cells stimulate natural cells reproduction to regain the natural tone and firmness to the skin. Its light, non-greasy formula makes it an ideal base for makeup. A daily nutrition for delicate and sensitive skin.


After thorough cleansing, apply over face and neck and gently massage until completely absorbed.


GARDENIA STEM CELLS: stimulates the reproduction on new cells on skin.
ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: extremely nourishing, high antioxidant power, rich of 
vitamins A and E.
MOISTURIZING COMPLEX: made with special technologies applied to the fermentation of wheat and wood. It gives at the same time short term and long term hydration to the skin.
BETAINE: ingredient derived from sugar beet with a great moisturizing power.
ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER: obtained from an African plant, highly nutritious, rich in vitamins A, B, E, F.
HYALURONIC ACID: obtained from natural fermentation high Moisturizing power.