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Monshea Shea Butter 150 gr


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Product Description

Monshea Shea Butter is derived from the nut of Shea tree found in West Africa. It has excellent moisturizing properties and naturally contains vitamins A, E & F, making it an extremely versatile product. In its pure, raw unrefined state, it is suitable as a general moisturiser for all skin types and may also gradually improve your dry skin, stretch marks or fade scars and liver spots.

This butter is a sealant and can be used as part of a deep conditioning treatment for thick, curly, frizzy hair or porous hair. Apply a generous quantity of Shea butter all over your hair. Add a suitable conditioner for your hair type on top. Cover your hair for 20 minutes with a waterproof cap & then rinse to reveal shinier and more manageable tresses.

Tip – Butter goes hard when it is very cold. To avoid Shea butter going hard, please leave in a warm area, such as near a radiator.


Shea butter (butyrospernum parkii)


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