PAESE Collagen Moisturizing Foundation

PAESE Collagen Moisturising Foundation 30 ml


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Product Description

Product overview

Creamy moisturising foundation with long-lasting action for dry, sensitive and allergic skin.

Formula rich in active ingredients like aloe vera extract and collagen, smoothes and nourishes while d-panthenol soothes irritations.


The components it contains are intensively moisturizing and soothe the stinging and tightening sensations as well as the feeling of excessive dryness. The creamy consistency is odor-free. It leaves no oily film.


Active components: Collagen penetrates the deep layers of the epiderm rising the degree of moisturizing by 50%; Panthenol has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect; Aloe extract – soothes irritated skin, moisturizes and protects against the adverse influence of extrinsic factors, Vitamins A, C and E improve skin’s color and ensure its healthy and young look.