PAESE Nail Doctor

PAESE Nail Doctor 9 ml


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Product Description

For weak, splitting and fragile nails after removal of tips.

Result: faster-growing, hard and reconstructed nails.

It is the answer to the problems of seriously damaged nail plate after removal of artificial nails. The treatment replenishes keratin in the nail plate and restores appropriate level of hydration. As a result the nail plate is not only harder but also elastic and thus more resistant to cracking. Even a very thin layer of the product binds all layers of the nail on its entire surface to reduce the splitting. Mineral particles ensure a healthy look and delicate pink colour of the nail.


Active Therapy – apply two coats on clean and dry nails.

Prophylactically as a base – apply one coat under colour enamel.


Mineral particles, silicon, vitamin E, Ginkgo biloba, rose oil, calcium, cranberry extract, sea algae


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