By the Fire Wax Melts

Petits Rituels By The Fire Wax Melts


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Product Description

2 scented wax melts made from a luxurious blend of natural waxes and festive organic essential oils. Perfect for that cosy evening around the fire.

Petits Rituels scented wax melts come in multiples of 2 in a beautiful handmade cotton bag with a satin ribbon.

Fragrance: A festive blend infused with spicy Cinnamon & Clove, zesty Orange and Lemongrass.

Therapeutic benefits: Revives a tired mind, uplifts your spirit and creates a feeling of warmth and happiness.

Fragrance lasting time: At least 10 hours.

Weight: Each melt weighs approximately 20g.

Performance: Each melt will give a good scent throw in a small or medium-sized room. Expect a more subtle scent in a large room.

Wax melts are different to candles; because there is no wick, no combustion occurs and therefore the wax remains after the fragrance is gone. To release the scent, you’ll need to place each melt in an oil burner. The heat of the tealight underneath will melt the wax blend and release its beautiful aroma.

Place your oil burner in a safe, stable situation, away from drafts and anything flammable and also well out of the reach of children.

Place the melt in the top of the dry oil burner – do not add water. Light a tealight candle in the base of the burner and allow the wax to melt – when melted the wonderful aroma of the melt will be released into the room.

When the wax melt has cooled it will solidify again, you can reuse it until the fragrance is gone.


Soya wax, Beeswax, organic Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum), organic Clove (Eugenia Caryophyllata), organic Sweet Orange (Citrus Sinensis) and organic Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Flexuosus).


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