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June 2, 2015

Dermo Expert Anti Acne Cream 50 ml

Dermo Expert Anti Acne Cream 50 ml

Product overview

A specialist dermocosmetic of light, cream-gel consistency, for care of skin with acne vulgaris, seborrhoea and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. The azelaic acid, closed in liposome coating and gradually released, characterised by effective antibacterial properties, even during long-term usage shows no resistance to bacteria. It also beneficially influence the keratinisation process, regulating the process of epidermis exfoliation and the activity of sebaceous glands. It cleans, lightens complexion and hyper-pigmentation, and also reduces erythema. Trikenol™ – a plant complex of prebiotic properties, inhibits the growth of bacteria upsetting the natural balance of skin and stimulates its immune system. A low and high molecular hialuronic acid provides optimal moisturising and regeneration of outer and deep layers of epidermis. Rona Care®Tiliroside, a flavonid obtained from shoots of young plants provides special care of sensitive skin and strengthens its immune barrier. Complex effectiveness of the cream is supplemented by Ricesilk of ground coating of rice grains having great absorbing and mattifying properties.


Use on the cleansed skin, apply a small amount and rub.


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