Mille Ulivi Tonic Lotion

Mille Ulivi Replenishing Tonic Lotion 200 ml

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Sebum-regulating alcoholic-free lotion with Organic Gardenia Stem Cells.

Exclusive gentle formulation helps to restore skin’s natural tone and hydration balance, leaving it fresh and glamour.

An important step to fresh up the skin to maximize the absorption of the precious nutrients in the other Mille Ulivi products. Even in this step your skin enjoy the benefit from our powerful plant stem cells.


Apply after cleansing milk, dab with a cotton ball soaked in tonic lotion.


GARDENIA STEM CELLS: stimulates the reproduction on new cells on skin.
MOISTURIZING COMPLEX: made with special technologies applied to the fermentation of wheat and wood. It gives at the same time short term and long term hydration to the skin.
GOJI EXTRACT: ingredient of traditional Chinese medicine, exerts an antioxidant and protective action on the connective tissue. The Goji is used as a strengthening and energizing against skin aging.
ORGANIC HAMAMELIS VIRGINIANA EXTRACT: extract with strong soothing, anti-oxidant and astringent power.
SORBITOL: natural substance is used for its characteristic humectant action. It helps to keep the skin hydrated and soft after washing.
ORGANIC CORNFLOWER EXTRACT: natural extract, restore the physiological hydration to the more superficial layers of the skin. It also has soothing properties.