TAN ORGANIC Self Tanning Mitt

TanOrganic Self Tanning Mitt

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Product Description

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The Double Sided Self Tan Applicator Glove features a thumb to make application as easy as possible. The luxurious feel of the glove is soft and gentle on the skin ensuring your tan is spread evenly, leaving it streak free.


The secret to a flawless looking tan is all in the application:

  • Apply approx size of €2 coin directly onto tanning mitt
  • Apply light applications of tan and practice so it becomes comfortable and blends well
  • Leave hands and feet till last and apply what is left on the glove to these areas at the end
  • Use even strokes and circular movements
  • Due to TanOrganic not containing any synthetic drying agents it takes a little longer to dry than most tans
  • A full body application will only use between 25mls and 50ml of the tanning solution with mitt
  • Remember less is more so your tan should be applied in a layering affect so  as you can achieve your perfect tan shade.