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True Organic of Sweden Sea Me Mask 50 ml

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Product Description

You can create a magical spa treatment at home with a nourishing Sea Me Mask. Smoothes, tones, moisturizes. Tightens loose sluggish skin.

  • 100% natural
  • 96% organic
  • Vegan and comes in a sustainable tube made of sugarcane

Seaweed is rich in beneficial minerals, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. In fact, seaweed contains virtually every mineral found in the ocean – a concentration nearly identical to the minerals found in human blood. Seaweed has a wonderful effect on any skin type. In particular, it is recommended for mature skin. This plant has regenerative properties, which remove dead skin cells, and skin becomes fresh and taut. At the same time it possesses smoothing and tightening effect and it is visible on flabby and sluggish skin.

Seaweed benefits: 

  • restores moisture levels
  • revitalizes and firms the skin
  • nourishes, balances and hydrates the skin
  • oxygenate and detoxifies the skin
  • reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • cell generating, purifying
  • re-mineralizes
  • absorbs easily
  • improves skin texture and tone, cleanses, soothes and slow skin aging

For all skin types.


Chlorella, aloe vera, sodium hyaluronate, pullulan, spearmint and peppermint essential oils


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